Monday, May 26, 2014


No matter what shape you are in right now,

your body is an incredible, intricate machine,

and you have the power to make it stronger and healthier (*)


I've been recently reading "Body" by Cameron Diaz.

It's the first book from my long list of health-related books, which I'm hoping to read in the coming weeks.

You may ask, what's the point? Don't worry, ask away, I won't take it personally ;)

The reason is simple, I'm finally ready to re-educate myself.

Why not simply educate? Well, because that has been already done... I'm afraid...

Throught all the years, first at home, at my grandmas, then on my own as a student living on a tight budget, then as a hot couple (oh, the memories)...

Well, all those years have formed me in one way or another. And they have especially shaped my eating habbits.

I thought I knew waht was healthy, what was junk food, and what I liked.

Well, sort off...

I never really learned why spinach is actually healthy when you sprinkle it with some lemon juice... People have just repeated it like a mantra. So I took it and repeated it too.

Or I never learned what are endorphines and why it's so easy to get addicted to them ;) funny, isn't it?

Only after i started doing sport regularly, I learned that the funky I GOT THE POWER feeling right after a good and sweaty work out is the endorphines taking over my body;)


So that's why I'm talking about re-education myself. You know, like educating again. With facts, and not just things repeated by family and friends.


What are carbohydrates, macronutrients and fats? What types of oils are to be used for what exactly? And what does it really mean to be active?


You can find all those things and more, in Cameron's new book. It is super user friendly and written in a convincing, digestible way.


Definitely recommend it click


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Got to be active

I didn't tell you that I tried my first spin class ever

To say that it was good would be an understatement of the year...

I loved it!!!

It really happened by accident. I went in to do my usual Body Pump class, which you all know I love. However, the nice reception lady told me that the class was cancelled and if I wanted to I could try out spinning...

Seriously, I was not ready for the amount of endorphines and pure happiness that followed! :)

I was smiling going back home, I was smiling taking the shower. And I was smiling running some errands long after!

You have to try it out!!!

Yes, it's not easy. And hell yes, you sweat like it's the end of the world... But the cardio is great, the up beat music is giving you the energy, and at the end of the work out, you feel like you're the greatest! Which, of course, you are!



Thursday, May 8, 2014


When you're on Instagram, you're not looking for depth or things that will change your life forever

But here I am, feeling a bit changed.

Realizing how tragic life can be at times and how wonderfully blessed I am not to be going through something similar...


Have you seen this hastag yet #redballoonsforryan


Or perhaps you heard the story of the blogger from click the Baby Boy Bakery?


Either way, this is just too painful to tell...

There are three main characters in this sad, terribly, impossibly sad story.


A mom, a dad and a little boy Ryan...

You see, Ryan just died... Under the wheels of a truck...


Im not a mom...

I cannot even begin to understand what it means to loose a child.

Your only child who you've raised and been raising for the past few years. Cleaning their cheek from tears, chocolate, mud, jello every single day. Feeding them. Not sleeping nights. Explainigng the world to them. Getting amazed at all the things they do and stuff they want to know about...

And now he's just gone...

Try and accept it... i dare you...

There's just no way

Like I said, I am not a mom. But Im a human being who's heart is breaking every time I think about Ryan and his terrible accident.

I feel for all his family, and Im sending all the love and light there is


They will certainly need all the support they can get at this trying time of their life...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Winter spring or something

Recently, I have been MIA

I can't lie, my priorities have slightly changed and for the time being I can't spend as much time writing as I would want to.

It doesn't mean that this blog is going to stay empty for long.

Definitely not

Like I said, it's just temporary and I will be back

In the meantime, I would like to share some pics with you. My life lately.

I like those kind posts on other people's blogs, so hope you'll enjoy my little post as well

I started running once a week. Sometimes you get to see gorgeous views like that
Just about to head out to friend's bachelorette's party
Just a regular sunny day on Avenue Louise
Quick trip to Gdansk, here in Sopot
The view... I know...
Wedding menu
My favorite Barcelona lunch spot, bar el Lobo
Best spot if you want to sin;) sweet, sweeter, the sweetest! They even have kronuts
I mean, who can say no to this... Delicious, all fresh smoothies
My baby's beach house area
Waiting ... Smetimes. I feel like my life is constant waiting... Well, at least I'm wearing comfy shoes and red nail polish ;)

Talk to you soon



Saturday, March 29, 2014

Movie that makes you think

Have you seen A Separation? Link

Or perhaps you have seen The Past? Link

I'm telling you. Go see both immediately, as they are movies that will make you think. Directed by A. Farhadi, are not your typical movies you see these days.

I had the pleasure of seeing The Past recently at an event organized at the University of Gdansk, Poland. Absolutely amazing as all they movies they show in there are inspiring and thought-provoking.

What also was refreshing was the fact that each movie is followed by a discussion. One time it can be a short one, while another time it is longer. I guess it all depends on the movie and the crowd. But for sure there is one happening every single time.

I loved it mostly because it reminded me of my university years in there...

But I also Loved listening to other people's thoughts and how they understood the movie. Some opinions were more "me" than others but nonetheless, all was very refreshing.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The gym

Before the wedding, I was super motivated. I had a goal in mind and tried my best to make it happen

Now, it's a bit harder. My Big Day has passed and it's back to reality mode.


I try as I may but I simply cannot go to the gym every day. Not that I did before the wedding.

I just made sure I did it regularly.


These days, I go to my favorite body pump class and try to bike every now and then.

It still is something I really enjoy but it's not as regular as before. Nowewhere close...


Do you ever wonder why certain life events get us going, motivate us, make us push harder and others just simply don't?


I guess I'm on the right track to get back into the sporty mode. I can see how my body's changing and I'm loving it.

also, I'm staying motivated by reading sports blogs and watching youtube channels dedicated to active lifestyle.


Sadly, though, none of my friends is really into sports.

Guess this is another thing... Whenever I mention a good work out or a nice motivational blog, they just look at me like I'm a crazy person. I guess not everyone needs physical effort to stay alive.

I certainly do.

I immediately notice the difference in my body, general well being and attitude towards people if I stop working out regularly.

I bet you do too :-)


Let me know if there are some good ways to stay motivated that work for you.

Stay fit, stay happy


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oscars 2014

If you're anything like me, Sunday night you won't get much sleep as you'll be watching the Oscars. Starting with the glam of the red carpet and finishing with the actual award ceremony, I love everything about it.

This year's nominees didn't surprise me. Sure, I have my strong favorites and I'm wishing them all the best, but there are some really good movies out there.


  1. 86th Academy Awards nominees
    2 Mar 2014 — Host: Ellen DeGeneres
    Best Picture
    Best Actor in a Leading Role
    Best Actress in a Leading Role
    Best Actor in a Supporting Role
    Best Actress in a Supporting Role
    Best Animated Feature
    Best Cinematography
    Best Costume Design
    Best Directing
    Best Documentary Feature
    Best Documentary Short
    Best Film Editing
    Best Foreign Language Film
    Best Makeup and Hairstyling
    Best Original Score
    Best Original Song
    Best Production Design
    Best Animated Short Film
    Best Live Action Short Film
    Best Sound Editing
    Best Sound Mixing
    Best Visual Effects
    Best Adapted Screenplay
    Best Original Screenplay
    1. I'm rooting for the song from Frozen 'Let it go', of course.
    2. Also, I'm hoping Leo will finally win his precious prize.
    3. My underdogs this year are Philomena and Captain Philips. Some great acting and raw emotions...
    4. And you? Will you be watching anything from the Oscars nominees?
    5. I still haven't seen Nebraska and The great Beauty, which I'm hoping to see today and tomorrow.